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    Balinese Massage in Baner Pune


    Balinese massage is a special Indian massage therapy which brings calmness and relaxation to the entire body. It includes a series of techniques which offer multiple health benefits. Know more about this massage here.

    As the name suggests, this massage is originated from Bali. This ancient form of Indonesian massage is inspired by Chinese acupressure and Ayurveda. This massage therapy involves aromatherapy, reflexology, stretching, using essential oils to stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic system and body tissues.

    This massage technique includes relaxing gentle strokes along with vigorous stimulation of pressure points. The therapist begins with legs and then proceeds to back, arms and reaches to the head. They use a combination of different techniques such as gentle stretches, kneading and stroking, skin rolling, and pressure point stimulation to increase blood flow, lymph and energy.